Our trip continues and the price of diesel is holding

I was concerned that the price of diesel would get much higher as we continued to the northeast. I have been surprised that it hasn’t and in fact has dropped a few cents in places. I paid as little as $3.45 and $3.47 today close to our destination. However, I notice that the price of diesel here in Gettysburg at the only station that I saw was $3.77. That is still much less than I paid this summer on our trip to Colorado. That is a significant drop, but I’m hoping for more of a decline.

We have been very lucky in picking campgrounds. The one last night and the night before were very nice campgrounds. These will be put on my website at This Old Campsite. My goal is to put a recommendation for all the good campgrounds that we have visited on the website. Other campers will then be able to use that information to help them pick a good campsite. There are campgrounds out there where I would not stay. I would like to get other campers to send me info on their good campground choices so that they can also be posted on my website. The best source for finding a good campground is from someone who has been there and truly knows the condition of that campground.

Night before last we stayed at a nice campgound in Gadsen, Alabama. It is River Country Camground and is located on the shore of the Coosa River. It is a very nice campgound and will be put on the website soon.
River Country Campgound
Last night we stayed at Fort Chiswell RV Campground in Max Meadows, Virginia. It is also a nice campground and will be put on the website. They have a fish pond where you can catch and keep the fish. They also have an extremely nice pet walk area.
Fort Chiswell RV Campground
Be sure and visit our website This Old Campsite for other campground recommendations and other camping information.


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