Fall colors in The Woodlands, TX

Texas has been engulfed in an exceptional drought since the first of this year. The drought has been responsible for destroying thousands and I dare say millions of trees across the state. In our area thousands of pine trees and oak trees have died and are being removed on a daily basis. Our woods are not going to look the same for some time to come even if we should get the rain that we need.

A peculiar thing has happened over the last week. Our trees that have survived are turning brilliant colors unlike anything that I have ever seen here. We are guessing that the reason has to do with the drought. Ordinarily, in the parts of the country that have fall foliage, it is the abundance of water that allow the leaves to turn colors. Our son lives in Maryland and in the years that they have less rain, the fall foliage isn’t as bright as normal. So we haven’t had hardly any rain and we are getting fall foliage like I have never seen here. Go figure!

I took a few pictures today and thought I’d share them.

Tree with color

Nice orange and yellow colors on sweetgum tree

Tree with color

Another pretty tree


Tree lined bike path

Tree lined bike path in The Woodlands Texas



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