Learning the Nikon D60 camera

Christmas before last, my wife and I decided to buy ourselves a new camera together. She had been bugging me about buying a good camera with a telephoto lens that we could use on our camping adventures. When we take our trips to the mountains, my wife likes to take senic pictures and the little Sony point and shoot just wasn’t getting the pictures that she wanted. I had to agree that if we were going to do a website that involved taking pictures of campgrounds we needed a better camera. A better camera to me meant a digital SLR with a telephoto lens. That Christmas there were some good deals on the Nikon D60 with two different lenses, so that is what I bought. I didn’t know much about the fancier cameras but I asked to questions and the D60 seemed like a good place to start.

We have used the camera for over a year now and the only settings that I used were the fully Auto and a few of the digital Vari-Program Modes. I just haven’t taken the time, as I should have, to learn the camera. One of my excuses for not learning was that my owners manual was in the camper that we had stolen this past Easter. Besides, the auto mode seemed to work just fine but all I had by doing that was another point and shoot camera with a telephoto lens.

About a month ago, while we were staying at The Farm Country RV Park, my wife and I went to Kerrville, TX to do some shopping. She was looking for a video so we went into a combination book and video store. I meandered over to the magazine rack to look at some of the photography magazines and found one called “Petersen’s Big Book of Photography”. Eventhough it says “book”, it looks more like a magazine without any ads. As I thumbed through it, a thought occured to me, “why not learn something about photography since you have a nice camera”. So I bought the book/magazine. When we came home from The Farm Contry RV Park, I went to the camera store and bought a book by “Magic Lantern Guides” that has a very detailed discription of every feature of the Nikon D60 camera. I’m truly amazed at the multitude of features on the camera.

The photos below are a few that we took this past year with the D60 while on our trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Colorado. As I learn more about shutter priority, aperture priority, depth of field and a host of other things, hopefully the pictures will improve.

Black Bear

Black Bear at Signal Mountain

Buffalo in front of Grand Tetons

Buffalo in front of Grand Tetons

Picture of River

Big Thompson River in Rocky Mountain National Park


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