Pond Scum and Camping

Now why in the world would I want to talk about pond scum (algae) and camping. It could be that when you are camping you unexpectedly ended up next to a pond full of scum. That would not be a pretty sight with all that algae floating on top of the pond where you were expecting to have a pastoral outdoor adventure. However, to some people the sight of an algae filled pond would be very satisfying. People like Barry Cohen who is the director of the National Algae Association. The National Algae Association is a leading advocate of curbing U.S. dependance on oil by harnessing the power of tiny, green waterborne plants known to most as pond scum.

In the Friday (April 3, 2009) edition of the Houston Chronicle there was an article, “Fuel from slimy scum”. The essence of the article was about the work that is being done to use algae as a source of alternative fuel, such as biodiesel, and as a way to capture carbon emissions from polluting factories. This sounded like something new but as I read the artilce I found that the U.S. government had studied this concept for nearly twenty years but then cut the funding. Now there is renewed interest in the concept due to the fact that some of the other leading feedstocks for biodiesel are seasonal, whereas algae can be grown at anytime and is more cost effective.

I have said on my blog before and I will say again and again that we as the United States of America must cut our dependance on foreign oil. Anything that can be done, such as using algae for fuel, wind energy, solar energy and nucelar energy must be done! We have got to stop sending billions of dollars to people who do not have our interest at heart. We have to protect our economy for our children and our grandchildren and their children. Speaking of grandchildren I’ll show you another picture of latest addition to This Old Campsite. I just know you want to see him! You know how us doting grandparents can be. I thought about showing you the gas sign again, but I didn’t want to see it either. Babies are cuter!

This is Dylan, our 11th grandchild.

Remember, be kind to that scumy pond that you are camped next to. It could end up in you fuel tank!


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