Pre-Delivery Checklist for your RV

When we bought our first RV almost 8 years ago now, we didn’t know anything about RVs. Owning an RV (camper) is something that we had considered for a number of years but neither my wife or I had ever been around RVs much less gone camping in one. We thought that it was something that we wanted to do so we took the plung. However, I felt like a fish out of water when it came time to take delivery of our new 5th wheel.

My first major concern was not having ever pulled a trailer that was 36 feet long and weighed 13,000 pounds and had electric brakes.  My towing experience was limited to pulling a boat down the highway.  I was pretty good at backing the boat but I’ll have to say that I was intimidated by pulling and backing the 5th wheel.  If I had not said something at the dealership about being a neophyte at the trailer business, I think they would have just given me the papers and said “have a good trip”.  There was a guy there who took me under his wing and taught me the basics of hauling and maneuvering the 5th wheel.  This one lesson consisted of hooking up and driving through a residential area and then down the highway a few miles.  Then he said, “have a nice trip, you’ll do fine”.  Yea, right!  There is another whole blog that could be written about my experience of teaching myself how to pull a 5th wheel.

Our next concern was the actual pre-delivery inspection of the 5thwheel.  Again, since we knew nothing about RVs we were at the mercy of the person who would walk us around the trailer and explain how everything worked.  My wife had her note pad at hand.  She likes to write stuff down since she doesn’t have the same steel trap memory that I have.  In my, case nothing gets in and nothing gets out.  Therefore I rely on her note pad, most of the time.  We were somewhat over whelmed by all of the things that we were shown, but our guide assured us that there was nothing to it and we could always give him a call if we had a problem.  With the inspection complete and my two hour course in pulling a 5th wheel complete, we as happy campers, headed down the highway.  “Now what did he say about dumping those tanks”?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick the brain of someone with many years of experience so that you will know what to look for before you start that pre-delivery walk around?  Well, we have just the thing for you!  Whether you are looking to take delivery of your first camper or your next camper, read the article, (“RV Pre-Delivery Checklist (How to Avoid Nasty Surprises when Buying an RV“), that has just been published on the website.  It is written by veteran camper Warren Petkovsek.  Warren has over 25 years of experience in the camping business and has accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge about camping and campers.  His article will show you what you should look for when taking delivery of the camper.  If you follow his advise, you should feel comfortable in knowing as much as you can about your camper and feel that it is what you expected it to be.  If it isn’t, you will know what should be done to make it right.

Warren has written a number of articles that are published on the website.  Be sure and take a look at those articles as well.  Also, Warren is always happy to talk with anyone about camping and campers.  Drop him an email if you have any questions. 



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