360 Siphon

The 360 Siphon is a vent cap designed to eliminate odors which come from black and grey water tanks of RVs.  The revolutionary patented design of this cap makes it impossible to have a higher pressure in the waste tanks than in the RV therefore preventing any fumes from entering the RV cabin area. This will permanently solve the problem of unwanted ugly smells from either the grey water or black water tanks. Obviously you will have to have a vent cap on all of your vent pipes to completely eliminate odors because grey tanks can smell just like the black tanks.

Most vent caps are just caps to cover the vent pipe to prevent water and debris from going down the pipe. The 360 Siphon is designed to draw fumes up and out of the tanks. Simply put, the design works like a venturi. When air passes through the venturi, low pressure is developed at the pipe opening preventing any air from going down the pipe. It is when air goes down the pipe that the waste tank develops a higher pressure than the RV cabin area and the fumes will then be forced out of the tank into the cabin area. For a more detailed discussion on how this cap works check out their website.

The 360 Siphon is a low profile unit and very aerodynamic looking. They are well made using Poly Carbonate composites instead of the ABS plastics found in most other vent caps. They will be much more durable than the ones that came with my RV. The cap also has a built-in bug screen to keep the creepy crawlers out of the pipe. The unit works in any wind condition including up drafts and down drafts. These units are made in America, which is a good thing!

Vent cap

360 Siphon


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