Aluminum Folding Step

A lot of RVs, ours included, have a last step that is higher above the ground than the distance between the other steps on the RV. This makes it a little cumbersome when you step off the last step as you exit your RV. It is not so bad when you step up but it can be bad when you step down. For those who might be a little unsteady on their feet already, this can be a real problem.

One way to solve the last step problem is to use an additional step at the bottom. You could use a homemade box to use as a step, but a better way is to use a step that is more stable and made of aluminum or some other sturdy material. For our camper we bought an aluminum folding step that has wide legs and is very stable. The legs fold up so that the platform is flat and easy to store. When you need to use it, the legs fold down and snap into place.

Folding Step

Aluminum Folding Step


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