Mobile Lock Security System

As I was doing some work on our deck here at the house today, I thought of how nice it would be to hook up the camper and take off down the road to just about anyplace. Then I thought to myself, “is the camper still in the storage facility”? My wife had her new computer, that I just bought her yesterday, sitting on the kitchen table. So I went inside an logged onto the DeWalt Mobile Lock website. I did a locate request for my Mobile Lock and sure enough the camper was still sitting in the storage facility where I had left it. It is comforting to know that I can check on the position of my camper from any computer no matter where I am.

If you are wondering why I bring this up, it is because we had our last 5th wheel stollen right out of our storage facility. Needless to say but I am somewhat pairinoid about having this new camper stolen. In order to protect it, I bought a DeWalt Mobile Lock GPS locating system and hid it in the camper. At anytime I can log onto the website and check on the camper’s position or just check the status of the Mobile Lock.

The neatest thing about the Mobile lock is the vibration sensor. When the sensor is activated, the mobile lock will call up to three telephones in sequence and send emails to three different address to let you know that the sensor has gone off. As long as the battery of the unit is good, the system is almost fool proof. Because of where the unit is located, as soon as someone backs into the kingpin, vibration will be sensed and the call is made. Even if someone broke into the camper and found the unit it would activate as soon as it is picked up. There is no ON and Off switch. It is activated by radio signal only! What a great system!

Mobile Lock unit

Mobile Lock Unit

I wish I had known about this system before the camper was stolen but I never thought that anyone would be able to steal a 36 foot 5th wheel trailer. Once something like this happens you can become educated in a hurry. I have an article that I wrote on “Trailer Theft….It Could Happen to You“. It is on the website under Read The Articles. If you own a camper, it is worth a read. I also did a more detailed review of the DeWalt Mobile Lock system. It is also on the website under Product Evaluations.

I have tried to get the word out about trailer theft. It is a much broader problem than you might think. I can’t look at a camper in a storage facility and tell if it has a GPS system in it but I can look at the front of the trailers and see how many don’t have any kind of locking system. I know that if a thief wants to steal your trailer, they will do their best to do so. All you can do is to make it as difficult as possible for them to get your trailer. Perhaps they will go the the trailer that doesn’t have a lock if yours does.



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