Steady Fast

RVs, especially the travel trailers including 5th wheels, are notorious for being a little rocky when they are parked at a campground.  When someone walks around in the RV,  it will tend to rock or move.  There are a number of products on the market that are designed to prevent the rocking of RVs while parked.  Some are more effective than others at dampning the movement but none seem to be able to completely take the movement out of the trailer. 

Steady Fast

Steady Fast installed on front landing gear

Steady Fast® is a product offered by Hanscom Enterprises LLC.  Because of the way this device attaches to the stabilizers of the trailer, it takes the side to side and fore and aft movement out of the trailer.  Steady Fast® sent one of their stabilizing kits to a friend so that he could do an evaluation of the product.  For the complete article and evaluation please visit the website.


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