Return from Concan

We returned from Concan (it’s not Cancun) this past Saturday. (It is funny how people who do not know about Concan, Texas, think that you are telling them you are going to Cancun Mexico when you tell them that you are taking a trip to Concan.) Since we didn’t have a camper of our own for the trip, we rented a small travel trailer without a slideout. Needless to say, we were a little cramped for space as we are use to having a 36 foot trailer with three slideouts. Since we rented the trailer site unseen in the San Antonio area, we had to pack everything in the back of the truck and take it to the camper. That, we decided latter, was not a very smart idea! As you can see by the following picture, we had a lot of stuff to take with us. There was also stuff in the back seat of the truck, along with our grandson and border collie. The poor dog didn’t have much room, but we explained to her that it was either little room in the truck or a room in the kennel. She opted for the truck!

Truck loaded with our stuff

The trailer that we rented was a Springdale made by Keystone. It was about 26 feet long but as I said, it didn’t have a slideout. The slideout would have made a lot of difference in the room available. When my wife, our grandson, the dog and I stood in the camper, there was a traffic jam. Someone had to get out of the way before movement could be had. The poor dog was a little confused about what was going on. It was as though she said, “I can’t believe you have put me in such a small area. I need my space”! As I walked through the campground, I noticed that there were several other Springdales there. However, we were the only ones who had a Springdale without a slideout.

We brought so much stuff with us that there was no way we were going to get all of it in that small trailer. Most of the food we brought went in the trailer but some of it was left in plastic containers outside. My wife doesn’t know how to pack lightly when it comes to clothes. Our daughter got a good laugh when my wife started bringing out the clothes and trying to find a place to put them. The small kitchen table was packed with stuff, so we couldn’t use it for eating but we ate outside all the time anyway. I’m just glad it didn’t rain.

This is only part of what was in the truck.
Jane looking at camping goods

Not much room for our stuff!
Inside of camper

When we go to the Concan area, we stay at Parkview Riverside RV Park whick is immediately across from the number one State Park in Texas, Garner State Park. Parkview doesn’t allow tent camping but in Garner, they have campsites for everyone. You can tent camp, camp in shelters, cabins or bring your RV. As I talk about how little space we had in our small camper, I’m amazed at how many people tent camp in Garner, and other places. When you tent camp, you live out of the back of your car or truck and just make do. People love tent camping and I think that it is great that they do. As I said before in one of my blogs, “it isn’t the size of your camper or tent, it is the camping”. It is enjoying being outside and enjoying nature. What also amazes me are the number of families who camp together. There are always some very large families who camp together, whether in tents or RVs.

Anyway, we made it home from a nice camping trip in a rented camper. As usual, we had to stop at Bucee’s going and coming whether we needed gas or not. With all of the stuff we had in the truck, we only lost one item. A small ice chest that has a strap for carrying to the river became our only casuality. I noticed that someone lost the top of their samll grill since I saw it on the side of the road. I lost the top of my Old Smokey on another trip, but that is another story.

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