Return to The Farm Country RV Park…Almost

Things have been pretty quiet around This Old Campsite for the last couple of weeks. We retuned from our trip to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico about 2 weeks ago. The Old Campsite camper needed some cleaning, acutally a lot, since it hadn’t had a bath in 6 weeks. After a long overdue washing, the camper was taken to the dealer for some warranty work, most notably on the A/C which had given us some trouble since the second day of the trip. Also, there were a couple of self inflicted wounds on the back of the camper that needed some fixing up. We are hoping to get the camper back in time for our trip to Maryland to visit our son and family. We will be gone about three weeks and then will take the camper to Medina and park it at The Farm Country RV Park for about 5 months.

The title of this blog says “Return to The Farm Country RV Park…Almost”. The almost refers to the fact that I just dropped our two four wheeler ATVs at The Farm Country RV Park for storage until we get the camper out there. I don’t have the ability to take the ATVs and the camper at the same time so it requires two trips. We leave the ATVs there until we depart the park in March. Once again, it requires two trips. If I had one of those fancy Toy Haulers, I could do it in one trip. I’ve been trying to get the wife to put a hitch receiver on her Cadillac so that she could haul the ATVs. Some how that’s hard to visualize! Oh well, two trips it is!

Due to my wonderful flare for planning, I was able to kill two birds with one trip. I needed to go to the deer lease at Rocksprings and do any necessary work to prepare the feeders and blinds for hunting season. On the return, I would pass by The Farm Country RV Park and could drop the ATVs there without having to make an additional trip. And my wife says I don’t know what I’m doing!

We, my friend and I, got to Rocksprings (home of The Devil’s Sinkhole)this past Friday. It was too late to do any work that evening, and we hadn’t planned on doing anything that evening anyway. Saturday was our work day. Our first stop out on the lease was at my blind and feeder. The blind was in relatively good shape with no wasp nests. However, later that day when I opened the door to the blind, the top hinge broke and the door fell off. I was grateful to see my feeder still standing. It is about 125 yards away and I could see something hanging from the bottom of the motor housing. When we got closer to the feeder, I could see that the timer was hanging out of the housing. We drove up to the feeder and I then saw the damage. The access door was gone, the battery was gone and the wires to the motor and timer were cut. It took about 2 seconds to figure what happened. I could see in my mind some smart coon climbing up the leg of the feeder. He’s thinking, “I can smell the corn and I can get it”. When he get’s to the motor housing and corn funnel, he discovers that, hey there’s no corn here. “What’s this”, he thinks, “no corn! I’ll fix this guy! I’ll rip the access door off and see what’s inside. What’s this black thing? I’ll rip it out (battery) and throw it on the ground. Then I’ll eat through the wires so this thing can’t be fixed. Take that you stupid hunter! Next time make sure there is corn in this thing or I’ll get my friends and we’ll turn the whole feeder over”. It may not have gone exactly that way, but that is what can happen to feeders left in the field. I’ve had that feeder for about 5 years and this is the first time it has happend to me. My friend had the same problem last year.

Well this varmit caused me to make a trip to Del Rio, Texas in search of another timer and motor housing. Our lease is 20 minutes from the main highway and then 47 more miles to Del Rio. It was about a 4 hour round trip (that included stops at several feed stores and Wal-Mart on the way out of town) which gave me plenty of time to think of what I might do to the varmit if I could identify him/her. We had a long day and didn’t finish until about 8:30 pm. We had a good trip and accomplished most of the things we needed to do and the ATVs are at The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas. Now I just need to get the camper out there.

Sunrise is West Texas

What a good looking camp house!
Hunting camp



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