RV Related Stuff I Like

Well, Warren Petkovsek has done it again. He has written a new article entitled, “RV Related Stuff I Like“.

Warren has been camping for many years and has gained a lot of knowledge about the RV business through his experiences and from seeing what works for other folks. In his new article, he talks about a number of products that he likes to use when he is out camping or just maintaining his RV.

Warren and his wife Myra volunteer at Pedernales Falls State Park near Johnson City, Texas for four months out of the year. They do two months in the spring and two months in the fall. They do some other camping trips during the rest of the year. Warren likes to talk to anyone about RVs, so you can email him at the address that you will find at the bottom of any of his articles.

Check out Warren’s new article. You might find something that will be useful to you on your next camping trip.

Power Ball on a drill

Mother’s Power Ball
This one intrigued me because of the name.
My mother never had a power ball!


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