RV Show Season is Underway

It is the first of January. Well maybe it’s the 16th but that’s close enough to the first for this blog. There’s only two more months of winter so people start thinking about spring and the lure of the open road. It won’t be long before you can take your camper out of hibernation and head down the open road. “But wait”, you say. “I don’t have a camper”. Well I’m sorry to hear that, but there is a solution. Go out and buy one!

If you don’t have a camper and are interested in the possible purchase of one, then one of the best places for you to go is to a RV Show. There you will be able to look and compare many types and brands of RVs in one place. You will also have the opportunity to visit with manufacturer’s reps and ask them questions about the RVs that interest you. You will also find that many people, like myself, will go to RV Shows even though they currently own one. People like to talk about their rig, so you might have the chance of visiting with someone who currently owns the type of RV in which you are interested.

The majority of RV shows take place in the first four months of each year. So here we are in the first month of the year 2011 and the first of the RV Shows began on the 7th of January. There will be a lot of RV shows from now through the month of April. You can find a RV Show in your area by checking out our List of RV Shows at This Old Campsite.

There are other benefits of going to a RV Show.  Not only can you look at many types of RVs but there are usually a lot of vendors who will provide you with information about the many different products available for RVs.   My wife always buys some toliet paper from one of the vendors at the Houston RV Show because she gets a discount.  Usually there will be some RV campgrounds represented who will offer you incentives to come stay with them.  As with any type of show event, there are the free drawings where you can sign up for whatever they are giving away.  It’s always a fun event and if you take a friend or another couple it is more fun.  Check out a RV Show in your area!

Campers at Camper Show

RV at Show

Another view of RV Show



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