Shackle problem fixed…I hope

On our trip this summer, we had a problem with a shackle on the suspension system of our trailer breaking. I wrote a blog about that experience. Then I wrote another blog about the poor repair job that resulted in the same shackle being bent and having to be replaced again. After returning home from that long trip, we made a short trip to Oklahoma City, OK and on the return leg of that trip another shackle broke. A broken shackle can result in some pretty nasty damage to the trailer so I was determined to come up with a solution.

I took the RV to the dealer who sold us the rig. They have always done a good job of repairing the multitude of problems that we have had with this rig. After some discussion, I told them to replace all of the shackles and to use the heavy duty 1/2 inch shackles with the wet bolts. I was made aware of the thicker shackles and the use of wet bolts by some folks on the forum. The dealer didn’t know about the thicker shackles but did know of the benefits of using wet bolts.

If you are wondering what a wet bolt is, I’ll tell you because until I had this problem I didn’t know. A wet bolt is one that has a zerk fitting on one end allowing you to put grease inside. The grease cuts down on the friction so the shackles and bolts will last much longer than the dry units.

I picked up the RV this morning from the repair facility and brought it to the house to prepare for a short weekend trip. We are going to Bryan, Texas for the state Special Olympics in slow pitch softball.

Posted below are two pictures. The first one is of the bent shackle and the other is of the new thicker shackles. You can see that the new shackles are twice the thickness of the old shackle. If any of these fail in three years, the world is out of alignment!

Shackle and bolt

Old shackle that was bent by poor repair job

New shackle

New thicker shackle with wet bolts


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