Snow Birds are on the move

Well, it is that time of year!  All of the birds that travel south for the winter start moving back towards the north for the summer.  I can’t say that I blame them.  It gets really hot here in Texas for the summer and really cold in the northern states during the winter.  All of the real birds do it because it is in their genetic makeup, but the RVers that are referred to as “Snow Birds” do it because they don’t like the cold or hot.  They are looking for the “Goldie Locks” weather…not too cold or not too hot but just right!

We traveled down Hwy 59 from Houston to Rockport, Texas the first of the month.  We weren’t pulling our trailer but were on our way to visit some friends who have a place in Rockport.  As we traveled south down the highway, it looked like a camper evacuation was taking place.  There was one camper after another streaming up the north bound side of the highway.  It came to my feeble mind that since this was the first day of April, the folks camping in the valley probably had to be out of their site by the first of the month or have to pay up again.  Maybe they weren’t all going to the northern climate but it makes a good story anyway.

We are currently here at Farm Country RV Park in Medina and are saying good bye to some of our friends who are headed back to their homes in the north.  A number of folks have already left and others will be leaving later this month and next month.  We will be leaving tomorrow and taking our camper back home, which is just north of Houstn, Texas.  We have had the camper here for almost six months and feel like “Snow Birds”, but we know we aren’t in the inner circle of real “Snow Birds”.  They just accept us as honorary “Snow Birds”.

While the “Snow Birds” come down here for the winter, we Texans go north for the summer.  So I’m trying to think of a name of a bird that might migrate north in the summer.  I’m also trying to think of a bird that lives in the south and migrates north in the summer but I can’t think of one.  I’m sure there isn’t one, but I feel like those of us who go north for the summer need to be able to identify with a  bird.  If you can come up with something, leave a comment.

Most Texans invade Colorado during the summer months.  Our favorite place is Estes Park, Colorado but we often visit other places in the mountains as well.  Estes is usually our last stop and we spend the most time there.

Well, it is only a short six months until this process reverses and starts all over.  Who knows, maybe the price of fuel will be $10.00 a gallon and we will all be stuck where we don’t want to be!



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