Some changes at Camp Verde

Camp Verde is located between Kerrville and Bandera, Texas on Highway 173. It is featured as a place of interest on the website and has a rather interesting history.

If you go to the website, you will see that the only business in Camp Verde is the Camp Verde General Store. The general store also serves as the post office for the folks who live in Camp Verde. The general store also has the only place to eat in Camp Verde.

Over the past several years the folks there talked about and enlargement of the general store so that they could have a larger restaurant. It is a very popular place to eat and shop. Not only do the locals eat there but folks like us who are staying in the various campgrounds come there for lunch. If you don’t get there early, you’ll probably have to wait a spell to get a table.

This past year they finally opened the new and improved general store with the new eating area. I think it has lost a little of the local charm when it was a cozier place but it looks good and the food is still as good as before the new addition. Nothing stays the same! I’m sure that the soldiers who used to tend the camels of the old Camp Verde would approve of the changes. But then, maybe not.

Camp Verde

New section of Camp Verde General Store. Restaurant at far right.

Camp Verde

Compete view of Camp Verde General Store.


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