Sometimes repairs aren’t completed correctly

Maybe I should say that sometimes repairmen don’t know what they are doing even if they say they do.

In the previous blog, I told about the problem that we had with the broken spring hanger, or as I have been told it is a shackle put together with shackle bolts. This comes from Lippert Components, Inc who make the Trailair suspension that is on the trailer. In the blog I tell about the mobile repairman who was available to do the repair. Since I knew nothing of how this suspension is supposed to work, I had to accept that the repairman knew what he was doing. He certainly talked a good story.

After the repair was made, we continued our trip out to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon and on to Salt Lake City. Each time we prepared to depart a campground, I made sure that I checked the spring and shackles on both sides of the trailer. Everything seemed to be in order. However, the morning we were preparing to depart Salt Lake City, I checked the spring and suspension. To my dismay, the same shackle that was broken in Albuquerque was now bent but not broken. The leaf springs had feathered out and the second longest leaf was hitting the shackle causing it to bend. And wouldn’t you know it, it was Saturday again!

Without making a long story longer, I will simply say that Freightliner of Salt Lake could see us on Tuesday. However, in order to get in line we had to pack up the camper and take it to them so that they could look at the problem and determine what would need to be done. We took it to them that afternoon and then went back to the campground and stayed until Tuesday. Fortunately the parts were available locally.

So why did we have to have this same shackle repaired again? As it turns out, the repairman in Albuquerque didn’t use the correct shackle bolts. Rather than use a bolt that had a shoulder so that the nut would only go so far, they used a bolt that was threaded from the head to the end. This allowed them to tighten the nut to the point that the spring could not float inside the shackle. This caused the spring to bind and then feather out. The repair guys at Freightliner saw immediately what the problem was when they first inspected the camper.

So what’s the take away here? When you have a problem and you don’t know how to fix it, you are at the mercy of a repairmen who may or may not know what they are doing. I’m learning from experience and next time, God forbid that there is a next time, I will know what needs to be done even if I don’t have the tools to do it my self. I called the repairman if Albuquerque and told him what had happened, but of course he said he did everything correctly. He charged me $315.00 for his repair and was not about to refund any of it.  The repair at Freightliner only cost $295.00 and I feel that it was done correctly.

To add insult to injury, when we took the RV back to the campground in Salt Lake City, the ground pin on by 50amp power cord broke off. I had to buy another 50amp power cord because I didn’t have time to try and put a replacement plug on the end of the cord. Just another $299.00 for that!

Bent Shackle

Bent Shackle


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