Sometimes when something goes wrong, it is for a reason

We are currently on a trip west to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Salt Lake City and then to Estes Park, CO. However, our trip has been delayed and we are sitting in Albuquerque, NM. Our trip was to take us through Albuquerque but we were not supposed to stop here, except for fuel.

Our second night out was in Santa Rosa, NM. When we got up the next morning my wife discovered that our dog, Missy, was not able to stand up. It didn’t take long to realize that she was pretty sick and we had no idea why. She had been fine the day before. There was no vet in Santa Rosa so we packed up and headed for Albuquerque. We secured a site here at the American RV Park and took Missy to the vet. The vet found that she has a bacteria in her stomach. They gave us medicine for her to take and told us to continue our trip.

The following morning as we were packing up, I figured that I needed to check the pressure in the trailer tires. When I went to the driver side of the trailer and bent down, I saw a broken hanger that holds one end of the suspension spring for the rear tire. It looks like the bolt just tore through the metal hanger. Fortunately, there was a Mobile RV repairman looking at another rig just behind ours. I had him come over and take a look. He said that we should not pull the trailer until the hanger was replaced. He said that he could do the repair if he could find the proper replacement hanger. This was Friday morning and the weekend was upon us.

The repairman, Joe, was able to get the hanger and actually came over this morning, Sunday, to replace the hanger. When he and his helper tried to replace the hanger they found that the bracket is bent inward and the hanger would not go into place. The bracket is going to have to be bent the other direction to get the tension off the spring. They will be here in the morning to complete the repair.

So, if Missy had not gotten sick requiring us to stop in Albuquerque, the other side of the suspension could have broken in the middle of the desert. Or I might have found the broken hanger at the next campground in Winslow, AZ. We could have been stuck there for much longer than we have been here in Albuquerque. So sometimes, when something goes wrong, it is for a reason. We didn’t want our dog to get sick, but that situation probably saved us from a larger problem. Missy will get well!

Broken metal hanger

Broken metal hager on trailer


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