Special Olympics in College Station, Texas

This past weekend we made a trip to College Station, Texas to participate in the state Special Olympics softball tournament. My oldest grandson is special needs and is involved in several different Special Olympics sports, softball being one of them. We started attending about four years ago with only one team. Because we have added a number of new special needs members we were able to have two teams this year.

We play in a unified league which means that we have partners like myself who play with the special needs members. There are 10 players on each team with five being special needs and five being partners. This year my grandson’s sister and brother became partners like myself and played in the tournaments. It was neat being able to play with three of my grandchildren.

My special needs grandson was on one team and my other grandson and granddaughter played with me on the other team. My team won a gold medal and the other team won a silver medal in our respective divisions. There were a number of different divisions because of the varying degrees of abilities.

It is really a joy to watch these special needs children and adults participate in these sporting events. They play their hearts out and really have a good time.

When we go to these events, we usually take our RV and stay at a campground. That way we can take our dog and cat and not have to put them in a boarding facility. Both the dog and cat are traumatized when they have to be boarder so we try not to board them unless absolutely necessary. Our dog is a border collie and I truly think she believes that she is a human. And she might be since she is smarter than I am. Someone asked me just yesterday, “How many border collies does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer is, one and he will rewire your electrical system at the same time.

While we are in the Bryan/College Station area with our camper, we stay at the Marino Road RV Park in Bryan, TX. (For those who don’t know, Bryan and College Station, Texas join each other at the hip. You can’t tell where one city ends and the other begins, except for the signs.) The Marino Road RV Park is the better of the campgrounds in the area but in my opinion it is barely adequate. The campground is small and the spaces are very close together. When the awning is out, it just about touches the camper next door. The campground is not laid out very efficiently. All of the sites are squared off rather that being angled. This makes it more difficult to get into a pull through site with a large RV or to back in for that matter. On a positive note, the campground is clean and the management is very friendly and helpful. Unless someone decides to build a nice new campground in the area, we’ll be back at Marino Road next year.

Special Olympics

Cassie, Grant, Bradley & Brad at Special Olympics softball tournament



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