St. Patrick’s Day at Farm Country RV Park

Today is another beautiful day in paradise in “The Texas Hill Country”…more specifically the Farm Country RV Park. The day started off with a little fog and low clouds, but that burned off early and the skies are crystal clear with the temperature in the mid 70s and a light breeze. Yesterday was also a beautiful day and a great day to be outside celerbrating St. Patrick’s Day. Although not all of us are of Irish heritage, we felt obligated to help the Irish celebrate their national holiday.

Two of the couples here at the campground took it upon themselves to organize a St. Patrick’s Day party. It was a potluck and BYOB event but Leary, Rosie, Bob and Annie provide the space, decorations and hard work to put the event together and we thank them for that. Rosie felt especially obligated since she is Irish and believes that she is a direct descendant of St. Patrick. St. Patrick died March 17 in 460 AD and I believe that Bob might have been there for the funeral.

We had a really nice turnout for the party. I counted 51 heads, none with green hair, and since there are only 60 campsites here, that represents a little over half the campers. Everyone brought their favorite dish so we had lots of food to eat. There were seveal dishes of the traditional St. Paddys Day meal of cornbeef and cabbage. Although we didn’t have any Guiness on tap, I did see some bottles of Guiness being consumed. I’m sure the Irish would look down their nose at bottle Guiness, but HEY, when in America make the best of it. Another thing conspicuously missing, were the Bag Pipes! Well, we are in Texas so we made the best of that also and had guitars and harmonicas standing in for Bag Pipes. Tom, Keith and Michael did a very nice job of providing us with some of the traditional Irish musical rendentions.

Never miss an opportunity to have a party, it could be your last!

Saint Patrick 1

Saint Patrick 2

Saint Patrick 3

Saint Patrick 4

Saint Patrick 5

Saint Patrick 6

Saint Patrick 7

Saint Patrick 8

Saint Patrick 9

Saint Patrick 10

Saint Patrick 11

Saint Patrick 12


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