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I was reading an article today on the subject of WiFi in campgrounds. It brought to mind how our ability to stay connected while traveling has changed very rapidly over the past several years.

When I first started traveling in our 5th Wheel, not many campgrounds had Internet connections and those who did had only data ports in their office area. Usually there were only a couple of ports available so you had to limit the amount of time that you spent surfing the web. Not long after, the era of WiFi was born. Then campgrounds began to add WiFi along with the data ports. The early WiFi in campgrounds was somewhat limited and many times wouldn’t work throughout the campground. Many times I was frustrated by the week or no signal.

Now days WiFi is available in most all campgrounds. The campgrounds that are far removed from major cities still are able to provide WiFi due to satellite communications. They get their Internet signal from satellites and then run it through a router for distribution. Some campgrounds don’t have very good systems and will try to limit your access due to their low bandwidth. Other campgrounds have good systems and the data transfer is very good. Not many are as good as being at home on the cable network, but still good enough to do most everything that you need to do. Loading YouTube videos is not out of the question but the constant buffering makes if difficult to watch.

Staying connected is not limited to WiFi at campgrounds as most of you probably know. Many folks have the so called Smart Phones that can use either WiFi or Internet through the cell phone connection. You can get the wireless data cards for your computer so that you get the Internet from your cell phone carrier. There is even a wireless modem that receives a cell phone signal that will allow several cell phones to share the same data coverage.

For those who have that, “I got to have Internet no matter where I am”, there is an ap (or appliance) for that. MotoSat makes satellite antennas that will receive satellite Internet no matter where you are. If you like to go boon-docking, then you too can have Internet connection in the middle of nowhere so you can check your Facebook status.

Ain’t technology great! We can now travel across this great land and stay connected as though we were home. You can pay your bills, stay in touch with customers, manage your website, tweet on twitter and check that Facebook status. You can even change the temperature in you house or check to see who is at the front door. With all of this connectivity, you might as well stay gone longer!

BTW, you can turn it all off and go outdoors!

MotoSat Antenna

Satellite Internet Antenna for RV


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