Still In Medina

Picture of sunriseFarm Date March 20, 2009….on Sun Watch. I got up a little earlier than usual today in order to watch the sunrise. One of the nice things about the Hill Country is that there are some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. However, I usually don’t catch too many sunrises unless I have a really good reason to get up early, such as deer hunting or fishing. Otherwise, I just can’t figure out why anyone would get up while it is still dark.

Picture of camperThe picture of the camper was taken just after the sun came over the hill. It is parked down from our camper in what they call the overflow spot. Typically there isn’t a camper in that spot, but the Farm Country RV Park is completely full.

There is always something to do around here eventhough we are out in the country, which of course is what we love about this campground. In my previous Blog, I talked about the nice St. Patrick’s Day party that we had. Then on Wednesday night a large group from the campground went into Bandera for the Wednesday night BYOS (Bring Your Own Steak) at the 11th Street Bar. The Bar provides some very large outdoor grills so that everyone grills their own steaks. You purchase the fixings that go with the steak and also your own favorite beverage. Some people break the rules and have the audacity to bring a chicken instead. I mean, this is Texas….beef country for crying out loud! Oh well, when the guy cooking the chicken is “6 foot 6” and 250 pound, I just let it pass. Otherwise I might end up on the grill with my steak! Anyway, a good time is had by all. There is always a live band and no cover charge on Wednesday.

Our entertainment last night was a trip to the stock tank on the back side of the ranch. My grandson and I took our ATVs and lawn chairs back there late in the afternoon. We setup in some Cedar trees above the tank in hopes of observing various varieties of wild life coming to the tank for water. We heard some turkeys chirping and gobbling but they didn’t make it to the tank. Just before dark we had our only visitor for the evening. A wild hog appeared and played in the mud for a few minutes then went on his way probably looking for muddier ponds, or whatever wild hogs look for. Maybe our next trip to the tank will be more productive.

Picture of wild hog


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