Still looking for camper

Well, we are into our third week without our camper. The odds of getting it back now are slim to none, but then you never know. I just hope that the theif who took it gets his/her just reward some day.

Last week my grandson and I went to Lake Conroe to fish from a small peir in one of the coves on the lake. The wind was blowing hard so I didn’t want to get the boat out on the lake. CatfishWe did fairly nice in a few hours. We caught 4 really nice catfish using hot dog weiners. After the fishing, we went to a few of the RV parks around the lake. I thought that I might get lucky and spot my camper. No such luck!

I’m sitting here watching the relentless rain come down. We have had some extremely heavy rain for the last few days. Parts of Houston and the surrounding areas are flooded. We needed the rain since we were in a mild drought, but this is too much in a short period of time. The rain has been coming down at a fast pace for the last four hours. We didn’t have this much rain during Hurricane Ike. The problem is that we are super saturated and more rain is on the way. I might need to go get the boat and park in the front yard!

We have been shopping for a new camper in case ours isn’t recovered. The one that we have settled on that is pretty much like the one that we lost is the Big Horn by Heartland. It has some nice features that our Everest didn’t have. We looked at Everest campers but the new ones don’t have the type of foorplan that we looking for. Hopefully we will be back in the camping mode by the middle of May. We had a trip planned for last week, but due to our camper being stolen, we weren’t able to go. Our plan was to go to a new campground on Lake Livingston so that I could put it on This Old Campsite.


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