Stop the construction….

…the birds are on the nest! Some weeks ago my wife decided that I needed to continue on the updating of our deck area. Most of the 2×6 boards on the trellis afair were very weathered and needed to be replaced. After replacing those boards, she wanted me to put a lattice work over the top of the 2×6 boards to give it a more finished look. So I said self, “It hasn’t looked finished for 25 years so why start now”? Self answers back, “It’s better not to argue”!

Just before this construction project was to get under way, we noticed that a couple of birds were eyeing the little Texas style bird house we have hanging from the last 2×6 at the end of the deck.  It has been there for a long time and every few years some birds take up residence in the little house, raise a family and then disappear.  So these two birds decide that this is the place to settle down and build their family.  We watched for days as they diligently went back and forth gathering twigs and stuffing them in the bird house. 

The construction couldn’t wait since summer is rapidly approaching and we wanted to get some use out of the deck before it gets too hot to enjoy being outside in this south Texas heat.  In order to escape this heat, we will be headed for Estes Park, Colorado in mid july.  We will park our camper at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort for about six weeks. 

With all of the hammering and banging around I was afraid that I might have scared the birds off since I hadn’t seen them in a few days.  When my progress had taken me to the last two boards, I decided to check and see if the bird was there and if not I would take the house down until I could get the last two boards up.  When I peered inside, the little bird stuck her head up and looked at me as to say, “I’m still here so leave me alone”.  So, the construction stopped there!

I’m not necessarily a tree hugger but I enjoy nature and don’t think that we should disturb the natural state of things if we don’t have to.  Besides, it is enjoyable to watch and see what the little creatures in nature can accomplish.  They themselves are capable of accomplishing some amazing construction projects.  This little bird had to make hundreds of trips back and forth to build the nest inside the bird house.  At some point in time the eggs will hatch and then the mother bird will spend her day finding food for her babies.  Then one day the babies will step out on the little landing of the bird house and fly away and then my construction project can be completed.


Texas bird house

Texas Bird House


Texas Bird House

Work left to be done.


Picture of Texas Bird House

There's work to be done when the birds fly the coop.


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