Do you know the height of your rig?

Do you know the height of your rig? If you have a large 5th wheel or motor home, you need to know how tall it is. If you have a smaller trailer, then you probably won’t care.

Some time back I wrote an article on some of the things that happened to me […]


Shackle problem fixed…I hope

On our trip this summer, we had a problem with a shackle on the suspension system of our trailer breaking. I wrote a blog about that experience. Then I wrote another blog about the poor repair job that resulted in the same shackle being bent and having to be replaced again. After returning home […]


Sometimes repairs aren’t completed correctly

Maybe I should say that sometimes repairmen don’t know what they are doing even if they say they do.

In the previous blog, I told about the problem that we had with the broken spring hanger, or as I have been told it is a shackle put together with shackle bolts. This comes from […]