Back in Medina again

We are a little late this year making our annual trek to Medina, TX for the winter months. Our plans were to be here the last of October or at least by the first of November. We needed to be here in order to be set up before the opening day of deer season […]


If it’s Wednesday….it’s steak night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar.

This blog was suppose to go out Thursday, but due to technical difficulties with my internet connection it has been delayed until today. Friday was a travel day back from The Farm Country RV Park.

Morning sunrise

Thursday morning started out much nicer than any of the other […]


Last Day in Medina….but only for awhile

Today started out with low clouds and some heavy drizzle that turned to light rain for a brief period. It wasn’t much but any rain out here is very welcome. As the day progressed, the clouds gave way to sunshine and a very warm temperature. My truck thermometer showed 85 degrees at mid afternoon.

Today […]