A day for a drive

Yesterday was a day to take a drive. When we are out here in the Hill Country, we usually take at least one long drive to view the countryside. Actually I needed to go to Uvalde, Texas to take care of some unfinished business at Quail Springs RV Park. We have stayed there 4 or […]


Still In Medina

Farm Date March 20, 2009….on Sun Watch. I got up a little earlier than usual today in order to watch the sunrise. One of the nice things about the Hill Country is that there are some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. However, I usually don’t catch too many sunrises unless I have a really good reason […]


Back From Medina

We left Medina, The Farm Country RV Park, today and returned to the massive traffic of Houston, TX. It is always so nice to be out in the Hill Country and not be bothered by all of the traffic mess that you encounter in a very large metropolitan area. Unfortunately we left Medina about an […]