Hydraulic brake line failure on 5th wheel

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One year ago last month, we purchased a new Lifestyle 5th wheel that came with hydraulic disc brakes. Everybody that I talked to who had hydraulic brakes on their 5th wheel, loved the system. Since hydraulic disc brakes have replaced drum brakes on all of our cars and trucks, […]


Deer Mountain

On the first trip that we made to Estes Park, Colorado my wife, my grandson and I wanted to take our first hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. We had never been here before so we weren’t familiar with any of the trails in the park. We obtained a hiking map on our way […]


Elk Meadow Resort and RV Park…Estes Park, CO

We are currently camping in Estes Park, Colorado at the Elk Meadow Resort and RV Park. This is the 5th year that we have been to Estes Park because we really enjoy this part of Colorado. Estes Park is surrounded by mountains and is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Long’s […]