Back in Medina again

We left home on Saturday to return to our camper here in Medina. It has been almost a month since we have been able to come back to Medina. Although we don’t get to come out here as often, and stay as long as we would like, we still enjoy our visits to the Texas […]


Our Cat Adjusts to the Camper

I mentioned in an earlier post that we decided after camping for the last six years without our cat to take a chance and take the 15 year old cat with us to the Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas. She has cost us an arm and a leg over the past number of […]


Return to Medina with the Cat

There are two things involved with this Blog. One is the problem we had with our camper and the other is bringing our cat that is 15 years old to the camper for the first time.

The first item is with the camper. Just before we left Medina around the 1st of December, the dump […]