New Year at Farm Country RV Park

Happy New Year to everyone, even though it is a day late. Today is the second day of 2011 which means we only have 364.25 days left until 2012. Therefore, I need to start now making plans for next New Years celebration so that it might be a little more exciting than this past […]


Update to a previous blog

This evening I was looking through some of my previous blogs and I noted one that I had written entitled, “Let the adventure begin again”. I wrote that entry after my wife and I had decided on a new camper to replace the one that we had stolen. We were excited about the purchase […]


Thanksgiving 2010 in the camper

I know that Thanksgiving was last week, but I’ve had some technical issues which makes this blog a little tardy. I started to write this post this weekend but my database on the server was messed up preventing me from having access to my blog program. Everything was restored yesterday so I’m back in […]