A trip to the Texas Hill Country

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We haven’t been to the Hill Country in almost a year. For a number of years, we kept our RV at the Farm Country RV Park close to Medina, Texas. We would leave it there for about four months out of the […]


Garner State Park

A few days ago I added Garner State Park to the Campsites page of my website. Since the campsite page of my website is to just tell about the basics of a campground, I can’t add some of my personal experiences of a particular place. This blog is a better place to add personal […]


Return from Concan

We returned from Concan (it’s not Cancun) this past Saturday. (It is funny how people who do not know about Concan, Texas, think that you are telling them you are going to Cancun Mexico when you tell them that you are taking a trip to Concan.) Since we didn’t have a camper of our own […]