On the road to Maryland

We are on the road to Maryland to spend some time with our son and his family. We left day before yesterday and will spend three nights on the road. We have made this trip three times before and each time we have taken a different route. However, this year we are taking the […]


Planning a trip to Maryland

Today we started looking at the map in order to plan our trip to Maryland for a visit with our son and his family. We have started making this an annual trip in the camper and end up staying at the Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, PA , 40 minutes north of our […]


Maryland….How can I camp if I can’t drink?

While cruising the Internet, as I do much of the time in a quest for pertinent information about anything of interest, I came across some information about the state of Maryland banning alcohol from their state parks. I think that it is a little squirrelly the way that it is written. You can check […]