Today was Wash Day

That would be wash the camper day. I went and picked the camper up from the dealership yesterday after having it in for a problem with the hot water heater not lighting off on propane. That is the second time in about two months that we have had that problem. My gut feeling is […]


If it’s Wednesday….it’s steak night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar.

This blog was suppose to go out Thursday, but due to technical difficulties with my internet connection it has been delayed until today. Friday was a travel day back from The Farm Country RV Park.

Morning sunrise

Thursday morning started out much nicer than any of the other […]


Made it to Gettysburg

We made it Gettysburg a few days ago and are camping at Drummer Boy Camping Resort. This is the same place where we stayed last year when we came up to visit with our son and his family. The campground is about a 45 minute drive down to Westminister, MD where our son lives. We […]