Today was for cleaning the RV

Today was the first day in about 3 months that I have had a chance to clean the exterior of my RV. It has been parked in Medina at The Farm Country RV Park. As is the case with most RV parks they do not allow washing RVs in the park using their water. […]


When it rains it pours!

This past Thursday we planned a trip out to Medina to pick up our ATVs that we leave there over the winter months. When we bring the camper home at the end of the season, we have to leave the ATVs until we can make an additional trip to retrieve them. We were going […]


Installing The Winegard Wingman

We camp in Medina, Texas at The Farm Country RV Park for six months out of the year. The park doesn’t have cable TV or a satellite TV system that is fed into a cable system. Therefore, in order to have TV while in the park, you either have to have your own satellitle […]