A trip to Campingworld

Why would I blog about a trip to Campingworld? I guess the answer should be, “because that is where we went today and I don’t have anything else to blog about”. However, there was a good reason to go to Campingworld. We started the process of buying stuff for the new camper that we will […]


A trip to Concan…without our camper.

We were scheduled to go to Parkview Riverside RV Park in Concan, Texas this past week to meet several other couples for a week of relaxing in the Frio River and enjoying each others company. After our trailer was stolen, I notified the group that we would not be able to make the trip since […]


Camping is for the family

I recently received our community magazine and there was an article in it relating to the Family Camping Experience. It features Camp Ter-Ra-mont where you can “Get away from it all…..without leaving The Woodlands”. The idea is to go camping with the family and reconnect with nature. It is only a one night event but […]