Keep the RV or camper ready for a fast getaway.

Spring has sprung and it is time to start thinking about dusting off the RV and getting ready for camping. I guess that would apply to those who live in the cold climates and haven’t been able to get the camper out and have had it winterized. For those of us who live in […]


Finally got camper back from repair.

We finally got the camper back from the repair shop this past Monday. Hopefully everything will go well and we will not have any major problems for a long time. Minors things tend to pop up with campers every time that they are pulled down the road. It becomes a necessity to learn […]


Halloween in Gettysburg @ Drummer Boy Campground part II

We checked into the Drummer Boy Camping Resort on Monday of this week. This is a large campground with over 400 RV sites and a number of rental units but there weren’t many campers here when we checked in. When we were making reservations we were told that there were only a few open sites […]