Today was for cleaning the RV

Today was the first day in about 3 months that I have had a chance to clean the exterior of my RV. It has been parked in Medina at The Farm Country RV Park. As is the case with most RV parks they do not allow washing RVs in the park using their water. […]


Alamo Springs Cafe and the Bat Tunnel

Yesterday we went for lunch at the Alamo Springs Cafe in Fredericksburg, TX. Our original plan was to go for lunch at the Camp Verde General Store. However, some friends of ours here at The Farm Country RV Park asked us if we had ever been for hamburgers at the Bat Tunnel. Since I […]


Keep the camper clean

Keeping your RV ( camper ) clean is a big job but it is one of those things that needs to be done. Unfortunately, the bigger the RV the bigger the job can be. There are obviously two ways that this can be done. You can either do-it-yourself or you can pay someone to […]