Hydraulic brake line failure on 5th wheel

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One year ago last month, we purchased a new Lifestyle 5th wheel that came with hydraulic disc brakes. Everybody that I talked to who had hydraulic brakes on their 5th wheel, loved the system. Since hydraulic disc brakes have replaced drum brakes on all of our cars and trucks, […]


I guess I’ll take the hitch out of the truck….

We are still waiting for the repairs to be completed on our camper. Meanwhile, I have had the fifth wheel hitch in the back of the truck for several months now, so I guess I need to take it out to give me some hauling room. Looks like it will be awhile before […]


Back home again

SWe returned from our trip to Maryland a few days ago. We had a nice trip and stayed at some nice campgrounds and saw the fall leaves starting to turn. At our campground in Gettysburg, the leaves were well on their way to their fall beauty. However, as we went south along the east coast […]