The Best Laid Plans of Mice…..etc

Today was to be our departure day for our trip Maryland to see our son and family. Well, we are STILL here. Things don’t always go as planned. I hate it when that happens!

Last night we had some very hard rain here at the house, along with some winds around 40 mph. I’m not sure how long the rain lasted because I went back to sleep after I realized the storms had arrived. Wasn’t anything I could do to stop them, so I ignored them. When we got up the ground was really saturated with water so I know we received a heck of a lot of rain. We had loaded most of our stuff in the camper last night in anticipation of there being more rain this morning. However, we still had things that needed to be put in the camper. When my wife crawled across the bed, slides were in since we are parked on a street, she felt wetness on the floor. The bedroom slide had leaked water into the camper eventhough the slide was in. Our departure was only a couple of hours away. What to do? Should we go anyway and ignore the leak hoping that it wouldn’t happen again or should I have it checked?

Knowing that we could have some more heavy rains up east, the decision was made to call the place where we bought the camper and from where I had just picked it up after repairs. I told them of my perdicament and they said to bring it in and they would see what they could do. The folks at Camperland in Conroe, Texas are really good. I went in and they got right on the problem and found where the water was coming into the camper. It took about an hour and a half, but they had a temporary fix, so that I could take my trip. A permanent fix will be accomplished when we return. We bought our camper at Camperland and have really had a good experience with their service.

Anyway, here we are. By the time I got home with the camper and still having some other stuff that my wife couldn’t live without, it was too late to be starting out. We decided to wait and start early in the morning when we aren’t so tired. We will drive a little further each day and still be in Maryland about the same time we would had we left today.


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