The camper is ready…almost…and the trip to Maryland is on.

Heartland has finally decided to repair our camper at the factory. It will require work to be done that can’t be done at a dealership. Our dealer called a few days ago and said that the camper was ready to be picked and we have clearance to take our delayed trip to Maryland. When we leave Maryland, we will go to the factory in Elkhart, IN for the needed repair. They say that it will take 2 or 3 days for the repair.

Today I went to the dealership to pick up the camper and bring it to the house so that we can put our stuff in the camper. I expected the camper to be fully ready to hook up to and drive off the lot. Well there was a delay. The first thing I noticed as I backed up to the camper was this hole where the battery vent is supposed to be. I asked the tech, “what’s the deal here”? He said he didn’t know so I told him I was leaving until the vent cover was replaced. While he was replacing the vent cover I noticed that a piece of trim below the bedroom slide was missing. “Where is the trim piece”, was my next question? Again he said he didn’t know but acknowledged that it needed to be there. He and another tech search for the original but couldn’t located it. They had to get a new piece for a replacement. I also noticed that the long trim piece that had been pulled off for the inspection and then replaced, had some large gaps that needed to be caulked. So much for the camper being ready to be picked up. (You need to read the previous few blogs to know what I’m talking about.)

When I got the camper home, I had to replace a screw that had broken in the ladder just before I took the camper in for the stress crack. That is the second screw that has broken in my rear ladder. Fortunately, that is something that I can do by myself since the camper is out of warranty. After fixing the ladder, I thought it would be a good idea to get on the roof to look at the trim work from above. As I walked to the front of the roof, I could see a big gap in the trim piece that goes around the front end cap. (Picture to follow.) This was definitely not like this when I took the camper in for the work. I had just washed the camper and I always start on the roof. I would have seen the crack if it had been there. I called the dealer and they told me that it must have been there when I brought the camper to them. Well that just went all over me! They are the ones who removed the trim from below, broke the vent for the battery, and left a trim piece completely off while saying the camper was ready to go. Heated discussion followed…camper goes back in the morning. As I was stewing over the dealers comments, it occurred to me that I had seen a hole in the battery vent with nothing behind. Did they forget to connect to vent hose to the vent.  I went out to the camper and opened the battery compartment and sure enough the vent hose was just lying inside the compartment.  There are two vent hoses with the other being in another compartment and sure enough it had not been connected either.  Truly and inadequate job!

This brings to my mind what I have said before, there is no quality control in the camper business.  This applies to the manufacturers and the local repair shops alike.  Maybe we should have the Japanese build all of the campers?

This is the ladder where the screw broke.  This is the second time I have had to repair the ladder.

Camper ladder

Broken ladder

This is the gap in the trim where the caulking came out and was not replaced.  The Dicor sealing material was also torn.  This is really hard to miss if you are on top of the camper and walk to the front.

Top of camper

Caulking missing around trim piece.




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