The camper still isn’t ready!

Today was decision day for our trip to Maryland. The decision was to call and cancel our reservation for Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, PA. It has been three weeks since I discovered the crack in the side of our Bighorn 5th Wheel and took it to our dealer. You would think that within three weeks a decision could be made about how to repair the damage. The damage in this case is two cracked weld joints in the frame of our camper and a crack in the aluminum tubing in the sidewall on the driver side of the camper. The damage has to be repaired at the factory but Heartland can’t make a decision about bringing the camper in for repair. We are being inconvenienced because of their lack of coordination. This is the third time in the 14 months that we have owned this camper that we have had to change plans due to some maintenance issue. We are developing a bad taste for the Heartland RVs!

Other than not having our camper ready for the trip, our other disappointment is in the cold uncaring attitude of the management at Drummer Boy Camping Resort. When you make a reservation there, they require the full payment for your stay be made at time of reservation. The money then becomes nonrefundable. We knew that, but we had to make the reservation since they were the only ones with space available for our time frame. We were fairly confident that the camper would be repaired and we could make the trip. We then thought that surely if they knew that our camper was damaged that they would be able to make the refund. We weren’t cancelling just because we didn’t want to come, we truly have an excuse! However, they turned a deaf ear to our plight and would not make a refund. We will get a rain check to be used sometime within the next year. That’s better than nothing but had we not called today before 6 pm their time, we would have lost the money and would not be able to get a rain check. We still have a week before we were supposed to be there. They are full except for a couple of sites. Our refund would not have broken their bank! I guess that if either my wife or I had died, they still wouldn’t issue a refund.



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