The Low Life Scum Bags Strike Again

The last time I was at my trailer in the storage area I noticed that there was a crack in a small piece of the caulking at the front end cap. I had purchased some caulking and went to the trailer today to caulk that area. Since rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, I wanted to make sure that I had the crack filled to prevent water from seeping in. As it turns out it is a good thing that I picked today to do the work.

When I got to the camper, I noticed that the small work trailer next to me was sitting down on the hitch. I thought it odd that it was that way but nothing looked out of order. I was working on the opposite side of my trailer to his so I didn’t notice until I went around to the other side that there was a long chain hooked around the hitch and strung out to the side. Then I realized that someone had tried to pull the trailer sideways and the front of the hitch had fallen off the blocks and dug into the ground. Nothing else seem to be wrong with the trailer but I wondered why the chain was still strung out like that. The owner of the work trailer also has a slide-in pickup truck trailer sitting in front of his work trailer. So I wondered why he would be trying to pull the work trailer to the side away from his slide-in trailer. Because we are parked close together, if he had been successful in turning the trailer, the back of that work trailer would have hit the back of my trailer. Now I was concerned about what was gong on.

When I left the storage facility, I stopped by the manager’s office and told the manager what I had seen and that it appeared a little strange. She said that she would go down and take a look and call the owner of the trailer.

Later this afternoon I happened to be in the area of the storage so I went back in to make sure that everything was okay. There was a police car at the facility when I pulled in. The manager informed me that some thieves had cut the fence right behind the work trailer and broke into it. They then cut through the fence in two other places and broke into several of the trailers that looked like they might contain tools. The police think that the thieves were planning to return tonight. That is why the chain was neatly layed out and attached to the trailer next to mine. I guess they were going to try to haul it away.

Fortunately my trailer was not broken into but that is a little to close for comfort. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have had a 5th wheel stolen and my truck stolen. The 5th wheel was never recovered but the truck was. You can check out my article on the trailer theft on the website. I recently wrote a blog on having my truck being stolen.

In my opinion there isn’t much worse than a low life scum bag thief. I just can’t understand why people steal from each other. But then I don’t know why people kill other people either. I guess it just boils down to the sinful nature of man?

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. If I had not thought about the possibility of rain tomorrow, I might not have gone to the storage unit and the break in might not have been discovered until later. They might have come back tonight and broken into my unit, who knows.



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