The Power is on and Ike is Gone, Gone, Gone!

The power is finally on after only 4 days. We were told that we could expect to be without power for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Fortunately, we have all underground utilities here so I guess it was a matter of finding the cable that feeds the underground. Probably not that simple, but that is the way I look at it. Anyway, I feel blessed to be back online. My heart and prayers go out to the hundreds of thousands of families who are still in the dark, not to mention the thousands of fine people who are displaced because their homes are either uninhabitable or just not there anymore.

We were fortunate that we did not have any damage to our house this time. We had a lot of limbs in the yard and a lot of clean up work, but nothing major. That was not the case with many other families. There was a tremendous amount of damage in our community, which was mostly from trees falling on homes. We live in a very wooded community so a falling tree is always a possibility. We also had a large amount of rain which caused some minor flooding here but some major flooding down in Houston. The tidal surge down along the coast was 15 feet in some areas that are only 4 feet above sealevel. They did not fair well. Anyone reading this has probably seen the pictures but in case you haven’t you can go to Click 2 Houston and see the last news on the storm.

For the first day after the storm, I had a generator that was loned to me by a friend who went north for the storm. He came back the next day and took his generator back. Drats! In order to have a refrigerator, we went and got the camper and parked it in front of the house and put the refrigerator on propane. We were able to save most of our cold stuff and it gave my wife a chance to clean the house refrigerator and the freezer.

With the camper at the house and hooked to the truck, which had a full tank of deisel, we could have taken off if the living conditions became unbearable. The Lord knew we were going to be hot without AC, so he sent us a cold front the day after the storm. The weather has been beautiful all week but the temperature is starting to creep back up.

It is interesting as to how a storm like Ike can bring people together. Since no one in the neighborhood had power and there was work to be done outside, everyone was outside. We all pitched in and helped each other, or at least offered help if it was needed. Sometimes we just stood around and visited with neighbors that we don’t talk to on a regular basis. We were free of TVs, computers and cell phones. The cell phones didn’t work.

It is amazing at how we take our every day conveniences for granted. It is only when they have been taken away from us that we realize how precious they are. Pray for those who are less fortunate and are still without, because someday it could be you!

This Old Campsite


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