Tire Safety

I was putting an article on the website about tire safety with towable RVs and I thought about my own problems with tires. I have a 36 foot fifth wheel trailer that is only 5 years old and this is the 3rd set of tires that I have had on the trailer. The trailer came with Goodyear 16 inch tires with a “D” rating. When I bought the trailer I really didn’t know anything about tires, so I assumed that the manufacture put the correct size and correctly rated tires on the trailer. At the third year the original tires developed knots at the tire bead. Fortunately they were found at home. Goodyear adjusted the tires and the dealer put the same tires on the trailer. One year later we had just returned from an extended trip to Monatna, Wyoming and Colorado. I parked the trailer at the house and the next morning went out to unload and there was the biggest knot that I have ever seen on a tire. Back at the Goodyear dealer, the manager who knew what he was doing, unlike the first person I dealt with, asked me the weight of the trailer. He was stunned that the trailer had “D” rated tires. He told me that I should have at least “E” rated tires, but he suggested that we put “G” rated tires on the trailer. That is when I found out that the weight carrying capacity of and individual tire was stamped on the tire. It was then easy to find out what tire rating I needed. Goodyear again adjusted the tires and I now have “G” rate tires on the trailer. Probably more than I need, but I feel comfortable with this rating. A blowout, I don’t want!!

A good friend bought a trailer about the same size as mine and had it a little over a year when he had a blowout going down Intersate 10. The other tire on the same side went flat also and there was sizeable damage done to the underside of the trailer. He found out that the tires he had on the trailer were “E” rated but they were made in, guess where, China. It was a brand I had never heard of. What else is China going to screw up? Needless to say, he now has Goodyear “G” rated tires on his camper and is fighting to get compensation from the manufacture. Good luck!

I have since found out that there is a lot more to tires than just buying them and putting them on either your camper or tow vehicle. I have also now heard horror stories about people who have had blowouts with major damage to the trailers. On my website I have just publish an article by Warren Petkovsek. Warren has been camping for over 20 years and just completed some research on tires. It is a good read on the factors that go into choosing the correct tires for your vehicle. Check out the article Tires for Towable RVs and Tow Vehicles on This Old Campsite.


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