Today was for cleaning the RV

Today was the first day in about 3 months that I have had a chance to clean the exterior of my RV. It has been parked in Medina at The Farm Country RV Park. As is the case with most RV parks they do not allow washing RVs in the park using their water. Therefore I have to wait until I get the RV home or pay a mobile wash service. Since I prefer to do it myself, I wait until I have the RV at home.

When a RV sets out in the open for long periods of time, it will naturally collect dirt. It will also develop large quantities of black streaks that develop as a result of runoff from rain on the roof. In our case we drove home from Medina in the rain so the RV collected a lot of road grime. It was pretty dirty when we got home.

A number of years ago I was introduced to a couple of products that are of the Gel-Gloss family. I use Gel-Gloss Heavy Duty RV Wash & Wax to wash the RV. It is pink in color and has carnauba wax so that it leaves a nice shine after washing. I doubt that it can substitute for polishing the RV at least a couple of times a year. For the polishing I use Gel-Gloss Fiberglass, Marble & Acrylic One-Step Cleaner & Polish. This was recommended to me by a RV parts dealer. It is really a breeze to use and very effective.

When I wash the RV I always wash the roof and of course start there. What runs off the roof is responsible for the majority of the black streaks. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the roof as clean as possible. I use a mild dish washing liquid on the roof. This was again something that an old-time RV parts dealer recommended. They said there was no need in buying a expensive roof cleaner when a mild dish washing detergent would do on the rubber roof. However, don’t use it on any other part of the RV.

Although the RV Wash & Wax does a good job of taking the dirt off the RV, it will not take the really heavy black streaks off but itwill take the lighter black streaks off. When I started using the Gel-Gloss Fiberglass cleaner, I noticed how well it removed the black streaks. With this product all you do is wipe it on, let it dry and then wipe it off. It leaves a nice bright shine and removes the streaks.

Today when I washed the RV there were a lot of black streaks on the back end cap. The wash did not take them off so when I had finished washing the RV I got two rags and the Gel-Gloss Fiber Glass Cleaner. I put the cleaner on a rag and wiped the heavy black streaks right off. I ended up polishing the entire back end cap but it didn’t take very long with this cleaner. There were some other black streaks on one side of the RV. I just took the rag that I was using to polish the back and rubbed only on the small black streaks. They came right off. Then I just finished with the dry cloth. You can do a very local job like that to get the black streaks off and not have to polish a large area. Doing this prevents me from having to have a dedicated cleaner for the black streaks.

So after getting the RV clean, I took it back to the storage lot where it will sit and collect more dirt. However, it will not get washed again until after the next trip, hopefully in March.



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