Treetops Carefree RV Resort in Arlington, Texas

This past Memorial Day weekend we made a trip to Arlington, Texas to attend the Texas state Special Olympics. Our grandson who lives with us participates in the basketball event. The Special Olympics games last from Friday to Sunday, however we had to be there on Thursday so that the teams could be scored and placed in the proper divisions. There are nine divisions and our team was placed in division 7.

When we go to Arlington the team stays in a hotel but we also take our camper and stay at Treetops Carefree RV Resort in Arlington, TX. The campground is only about 5 miles from the University of Texas at Arlington where the games are played. My wife usually takes our grandson to the hotel for a couple of nights while I stay in the camper and take care of the dog and cat. You would think that we would just go and stay at the hotel but we prefer to stay in our camper at the campground. That way we can take the dog and cat. If we didn’t take the dog and cat, we would have to board them in kennels and that would cost us more per day than it cost per night at the campground. By doing this, we get to be in the camper and the grandson gets to stay with his friends for a couple of nights. What good planners we are!

We have stayed at the Treetops Carefree RV Resort about 5 times now. When we first found the place, we were coming home from Colorado and needed a campground close to our good friends who live in DeSoto, TX. The campground just went by the name Treetops RV Park at that time. It was the only nice campground that we could find in that part of the MetroPlex. We were very impressed with the campground on our first visit and on the next. After the campground was sold, we could tell that it wasn’t being taken care of like when we first went there. Last year we weren’t sure we wanted to come back because it was going down hill even more. Since the campsites on the north side of this campground are fairly large, we thought we’d give them another try this year.

We were pleasantly surprised with the condition of the campground this year. They are under new management and the new management is bringing the campground back up to the way we first found it. It really is a very nice campground. There are two sides to it separated by a drainage ditch. It is well landscaped and very clean. The campsites on the north side of the campground have the most room. Some of the sites on the south side are large also but some of them are close together. We always ask for the north side when we call and make reservations.

If you ever find yourself in need of a campground in the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroPlex, this is the one that I would recommend. It is located in a residential area and very conveniently located to a mall and many nice restaurants. The Dallas Cowboy and the Texas Rangers stadiums are located in Arlington and only a few minutes from Tree Tops campground.  Six Flags of Texas is also only minutes away in Arlington.

Garden at campground

Garden in middle of campground

Statue in campground

Picture of camper in campground

This old campsite camper



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