Trip progress

We got underway for our trip to Maryland yesterday. We haven’t been down I-10 in several years due to all the road work that has been going on for what seems like forever. The road has a reputation of being on of the ruffest in the area. We were pleasantly surprised to find that all of the road work has paid off and the trip down I-10 wasn’t as bad as we had thought. We made it to our first campground in Picayune, MS about 5:30 pm. The campground was the Sun Roamers RV Resort. Not a bad campground but it is fairly old and has a lot of full time residents. It is clean and well kept so it will be put on our website, This Old Campsite, when time permits, hopefully next week.

Today we departed Picayune and headed for Chattanooga, TN and the Holiday Trav-L-Park. We had an unenventful trip until we got off in Laural, MS looking for a gas station that we could get into. We din’t find what we were looking for and in an effort to find a place to turn around, we ended up in a small parking lot with no exit out the other side. Don’t ask how that happened, it just happens. Thank goodness for the Super Glide Pullrite auto sliding hitch. I was able to make a U-turn that other hitches might not have allowed. The wife and I were a little tense, but had a good laugh latter.

The rain started about two hours after leaving Picayune and it has been pretty much raining since. We ran through some heavy rain in places and it has been going from heavy to light and back to heavy. As I sit in the camper and type this out, it is raining fairly hard. I had to setup in the rain and will probably have to take down in the rain in the morning. As I have told my wife since we started camping, “This isn’t the Holiday Inn”. Sometimes I wish it was!


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