Turkeys in Goliad

A good friend of mine invited me to go to his hunting lodge in Goliad, Texas to do a little turkey hunting. He is sympathetic to my plight of having lost my camper to a thief and thought that hunting turkeys would take my mind off my loss. Having a rifle in my hand made me think that I should be out hunting for the thief who stole my camper instead of hunting turkeys but turkey hunting was more pleasurable.

When we arrived, all of the lodge staff had left so my friend and I had the lodge to ourselves. However, that meant that we had to do our own cooking and fend for ourselves. Oh well, that seems to always happen when he takes me there so I wasn’t surprised.

Goliad Hunting Lodge

We spent a couple of days driving the property looking for the wary and ever illusive turkey. We saw some turkeys but not the number that we had hoped to see. These birds have uncanny senses and unbelievable eyesight. That’s why you have to blend into the landscape in order to get close to them. Sometimes you can spot them at a distance while driving around and get one if you are a real sharp shooter. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any of the turkeys to stand in front of our rifles and make the ultimate sacrifice. Even though we didn’t get a turkey, it really didn’t matter. It was just nice to be out in the country enjoying nature and the various wildlife that we saw.

One afternoon as I sat under a tree, trying to look like I was a part of the landscape, a thought occurred to me. There are turkeys in the wild and there are turkeys in Washington. Although turkeys have very sharp senses, they are the smartest bird around. On another occasion when I was turkey hunting, a large group of turkeys showed up at a deer feeder where I was hunting. They came out in single file like they were playing follow the leader. When I shot at one of them in the group, the others became very confused. Some of them ran to the left and some to the right. Then, those running to the left changed direction and ran to the right. Those running to the right changed direction and ran to the left. When they met in the middle again they all panicked and went in multiple directions. That is the way I view the turkeys in Washington who are running this country. I don’t think any of them know which direction to turn. That’s just my opinion, what is yours?

On our trip back to civilization we passed an Everest 5th wheel that looked very much like the one that was stolen from me.  I though for a moment that we should turn around and chase them down.  We certainly had the fire power to take them on if need be, but then how embarrassing it would be to find out it wasn’t mine.

One of the courtesy vehicles at the Lodge

One of the swimming holes. Don’t dive in unless you want your head in the mud.
Pond in Goliad

Blooming catus
Blooming Catus


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