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This evening I was looking through some of my previous blogs and I noted one that I had written entitled, “Let the adventure begin again”. I wrote that entry after my wife and I had decided on a new camper to replace the one that we had stolen. We were excited about the purchase of our new Bighorn by Heartland RVs. However, that excitement melted away as we had one problem after another with the camper. If you are reading this and you are a regular reader, then you know about all of the problems that we have had with this new camper. If you are not a regular reader, then you can go back and look at the entries that have been posted over the last 18 months detailing the problems that we have experienced. The problems range from minor to major, including one that required a visit to the factory for repairs.

Although we have had a multitude of problems with this camper, we are not alone. I have heard a lot of horror stories from other people who have experienced problems as bad it not worse than ours with their campers. One thing that I have learned over the years of owning a camper, is that it doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is or how expensive the camper is, you can have problems with any of them. The manufacturers will tell you that they have a quality control department, but I submit that quality control in the manufacture of campers is poor at best. When we were in Elkhart, IN we saw camper after camper being returned to the factory for repairs that couldn’t be performed at the dealer level. While automobiles have recalls for defects, they are always repaired at the dealer level. I have never heard of anyone having to take a car back to the factory for repairs.

With all of the problems that we have had over the last 18 months, everything seems to be okay with the camper except for one other thing that I think will be a minor issue. I think….but I have been wrong before.

While washing the roof of my camper the day before we left for Medina, TX, I noticed that there were several areas on the left side of the roof where the rubber was being pushed up. It is along the area where the aluminum rounding material is attached to the roof. At first I couldn’t tell what was coming up. I thought about screws or nails that might be attaching the aluminum to the roof. I called Heartlandand sent pictures but they couldn’t tell me what was happening. I discussed the issue with a maintenance person in Bandera. His thoughts were that the things coming up were staples that are used to attach the aluminum to the plywood on the roof. His advise was to get on the roof and see if they could be pushed back down. He was correct! I was able to push the staples down and as I did, I could then tell that they really were staples. Well slap me silly but who would have thought that they use staples on the roof of an expensive camper.  It even looked like they had a special on staples because they used a lot of them.  Quality control?  I don’t think so! 

Well the staples are down at this time and should not come up until at least April.  That’s because the camper will sit still at the Farm Country RV Park until then.  The test will come when we start pulling the camper again.  Let’s hope they stay down!

Camper roof

Staples sticking up

Camper roof

More staples



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