We had a good Memorial Day weekend

A good Memorial Day weekend?  Can a day be a weekend?  Funny how we say things!  How can a Memorial Day be a weekend, since a weekend implies more than one day.  Silly me, we all know what I’m talking about.  A better way to say it is Memorial Weekend, with Memorial Day being the end of a three day weekend.

If you read the previous blog, you will know that we were in Arlington, Texas over the Memorial Weekend.  Our grandson who lives with us participated in the Texas Special Olympics basketball tournament.  They had three games with one on Friday, one on Saturday and the last game on Sunday.  They won one game and lost two which gave them third place for the tournament.  This was quite an achievement for them considering that they played in two brackets higher than they played last year.

The awards ceremony lasted until about 10:30 am and after it was over we headed back to the campground to “break camp”, as in get ready to depart.  Checkout time was 12:00 noon but I had already asked the office if we could have a late checkout.  Since they didn’t have anyone checking in, they granted us up until 4:00 pm.  After 4 pm it would cost another days rent but we knew that we could be gone well before that.  We departed a little before 2 pm and we were not charged any additional fees.  Very nice of them to accommodate us that way.

We left Sunday afternoon because we didn’t want to be on the highway Monday afternoon with all of the traffic heading back into the Houston area.  Besides that, we had a party to attend Monday afternoon on Memorial Day.  The traffic Sunday was realatively light.  We once again stopped in Corsicana, Texas at the Collin Street Bakery.  Corsicana is only an hour from the campground but it was coffee time, so we stopped.  All of the angel food cakes were gone. Drats!  We had to settle for cookies and coffee.  Not a bad second choice!

We truly had a good weekend.  Our grandson did well in the basketball tournament.  We had some very close friends, who live just south of Dallas, visit us at the campground Saturday afternoon.  The dog and cat were happy that they didn’t have to be put up in kennels for the weekend.  Monday we visited with some close friends including a couple who came down from Chicago, Ill. 

Now that the Memorial Day weekend is over, summer is officially underway.  That means that it is time to dust off the camper, if you haven’t already done so, and hit the road for the summer road trip and camping.

Sussie the cat

Sussie the 18 year old cat


Bradley and Missy

Our grandson and Missy the border collie like to sleep late




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